Gastropharm – Specialising in Gastroenterology

Gastropharm is a company specialising in the sourcing, development and supplier of innovative products, used in the treatment of various disorders of the GI tract.

Gastropharm is focused on providing solutions for patients with problems associated with their small and large intestine.

Gastropharm is the exclusive distributor of Vivomixx® in UK.

We have over 30 years’ experience in the development, distribution, sales and marketing of products suitable for patients with disorders of the GI tract in collaboration with Gastroenterologists in the UK. We would be happy to hear from any companies who are interested in discussing distribution agreements for such products.


Our Products

Vivomixx is the world’s most concentrated probiotic containing 450 billion healthy bacteria in each sachet with 8 carefully selected strains. This combination was originally developed by an Italian Professor, Claudio De Simone.

This unique formulation has many benefits on Gut Health which have been studied in over 200 publications worldwide.

Vivomixx is available in both sachet and Capsule form and is available to buy from Gastropharm approved on line suppliers.

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