Vivomixx for Lymes Disease

My granddaughter has Lymes Disease and was advised to take Vivomixx, which helped her enormously with settling her aches and pains, which are inevitable with this condition. For the first month, she took a sachet each day and now with a plentiful supply and keeping to a strict regime of organic foods and gentle exercise, takes one every other day and although the Lyme Disease does flare up from time to time, she is, I think, on the way to overcoming this debilitating condition and it is all thanks to Vivomixx. Never was a truer word said that the gut is key to well-being and with Vivomixx, the good bacteria are back in balance and she is doing well.

12 January 18

Lili P
Verified Buyer

Vivomixx the miraculous probiotic

Several members of the family, including me, have had problems with the stomach and intestines - embarrassing growling noises, excessive bloating and nasty gas but since taking Vivomixx, everything within the body has calmed down and every member of the family is much better for taking this miraculous probiotic. All 5 of us are therefore very pleased to be taking Vivomixx, and whilst we not need it all the time, we need it and would highly recommend Vivomixx to others with similar conditions.

12 January 18

Lili P
Verified buyer

Vivomixx post severe sepsis amazing results

After suriving severe sepsis, I was taking antibiotic for 4 months, and was recommended Vivomixx, which helped by digestive system to recover with amazing results. I would recommend Vivomixx to others who need to stabilise their digestive system.

09 January 18

Carole D
Verified Buyer

Wow what a difference this makes!

My son has Trisomy 21 and as a result has low muscle tone, a slow digestive tract and poor absorption of nutrients. This leads to constipation and bloating amongst other symptoms. Vivomixx has dramatically reduced his bloating and is keeping him regular. He also has more energy and is suddenly growing like a weed! Thank you for this wonderful product, it's a game changer for us.

10 October 17

Molly M.
Verified Buyer

Very happy

I've been taking Vivomixx daily for about 4 weeks and it has definitely had an impact. Less bloating and less cravings for bad food. I've had this one and the more expensive brand and can't notice any difference. The sachets are much better than ordinary probiotic pills.

09 May 16

Mel C.
Verified Buyer

I will be buying more Vivomixx!!

Same great health benefits but lower price!! i will be buying more!!

04 May 16

Jess B.
Verified Buyer

A Life Changer!

Recommended by hospital consultant to take these powers after being diagnosed with colitis.......only take one every other day but they really do help in keeping my stomach issues under control. Will keep ordering from Lifestyle Labs for the excellent service. Please keep these in stock & thank you!

02 May 16

Hilary W.
Verified Buyer

Just as good as VSL#3

Excellent product; I cannot tell the difference between Vivomixx and the more expensive the alternative high dose probiotic, containing the same number of species. These probiotics help greatly with managing IBS and inflammatory arthritis.

11 April 16

Claudia L.
Verified Buyer

Vivomixx Probiotic

Excellent product, have used for a few weeks now and can't tell the difference between this and the alternative high dose probiotic, containing the same number of species.

06 April 16

Aqeel Z.
Verified Buyer

Fantastic product!

Fantastic product! Feel so much happier, healthier and digestion has improved significantly.

03 March 16

Sam O.